Friederike Sommer

Friederike SommerFriederike Sommer has spent her life traveling the world, developing, directing, and implementing a wide range of global initiatives and training programs. After 20 years in the healthcare industry, Friederike founded Sommer Consulting in 2008 and serves as a senior trainer and coach, focusing on mentoring, leadership development, communication, and strategic project management. She provides moderation and facilitation for large-scale events in the global business environment. Her drive to succeed is built upon her customers’ satisfaction and passion. Friederike can remain flexible in a constantly changing environment, having spent years working in such diverse countries as India, Switzerland, and Italy. She is highly skilled at communicating with clients to anticipate their needs and ensure their satisfaction.

Friederike has been Director of the Learning Centre in ResMed’s European region and has handled project management, change management, global talent management, and organization development for Novartis Pharma. She has been a faculty manager and coach in India, built a highly skilled training center in Italy, and served as a consultant on inter-cultural communication between Germany and India.

Bachelor of Domestic Science and Economics, Stuttgart, Germany


  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Communication: inter-cultural communication
  • Leadership training: organizational development; change management

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